Do Not Quit: A Lesson from the San Francisco Giants and Mothers

Do Not Quit: A Lesson from the San Francisco Giants and Single Mothers

The San Francisco Giants made history twice this post season.  They came back from 0-2 down to the Cincinnati Reds and came back down 3-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals.  Never before had an NLDS witnessed a team successfully coming back from a 0-2 deficit to earn a spot in the NLCS.  If that wasn’t enough suspense for the Bay Area Fans…the Giants were down 3-1 to the Cardinals and stormed back to win 3 games straight and make it to the World Series.  They won Game 7 against the Cardinals 9-0. In other words Do Not Quit!

The SF Giants taught us a outstanding lesson on not quitting.  They could have just let history tell them it was improbable to come back from 0-2.  They could have let the odds of 3-1 cause their hearts to faint…

But they didn’t. They showed up and kept playing.  They knew that they only had to win the game they were playing.  Play this game and win.  Win this game now and we will have another chance.  I’m sure someone in that organization saw the invisible and encouraged everyone to do the impossible.

I like to compare sports to business because sports are tangible proof of success.  You see a team go through changes and every year there is a champion.  Every team starts with winning in mind.  The end result is to become champions.  We see this every season.  But there can only be one champion (except in college football where you have a computer winner and 18 bowl champions).

Do Not Quit in Your Business

In business we all can be champions if we don’t quit.  We need that same determination as athletes of practicing, preparing, and then going out to perform.  Don’t quit when leads stop coming in.  Don’t quit when Joe Blow over there just made $30k and you didn’t have sales coming in.  Don’t quit when road blocks and setbacks roll through.

I know about quitting.  I quit playing football.  I quit college and lied about graduating because I was ashamed.  I quit on my business partners because I wanted something easy to do. I quit a lot of diets.  It took me time to discipline my self on becoming a finisher

The sad part is when we quit we think we just hurt ourselves.  But we disappoint the people who believed in us.  We hurt our families and friends who invested time and resources in us. Then we make it harder for ourselves to start and finish other goals.  We let doubt and fear creep in because we have quit before.

There is hope my friends.  We can see the impossible and achieve the invisible.  When I joined Empower Network, I declared that I would be successful and earn a boatload of money.  I declared that nothing was going to stop me.  Quitting is not an option and I am so happy with my current success.  Why do I know I am going to reach my goals?  I listen to stories like the one below:

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Do Not Quit