God Wants You Out of Debt!

God Wants You Out of Debt!

Every day we are bombarded with debt-canceling methods. TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines all offer a host of ways to quickly eliminate debt; however, the best way to eliminate debt is God’s way. Yes, God is a debt-canceling God! This is why the Believer is better equipped than those who don’t know the Lord.

God loves you, and He does not want you to carry the burden of debt. Of course, having debt is not sin; however, it’s not God’s best. Debt has wreaked havoc in many lives. It can be linked to divorce and other failed relationships, and it causes stress, which can lead to serious health problems.

Out of Debt and the Scriptures

God is able to help you live a debt-free life. In 2 Kings 6, a man was cutting down a tree, when his ax head fell into the water. The man “… Alas, master! for it was borrowed” (2 Kings 6:5). To keep the man out of debt, God performed a miracle and made the ax head swim. God would not waste His power if He didn’t think canceling this man’s debt was indeed necessary. God wanted this man released from debt, so He performed a miracle on his behalf; and He will also do the same for you!

Although, God is a debt- canceling God, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t mean He will cancel everyone’s debt in the same manner. There are spiritual and practical laws that govern debt cancellation. God has His part, and we have ours. For example, we must pay our bills on time, and be people of integrity and character who are diligent, hard workers, not swindlers. We also have to avoid sin, and obey God’s Word; doing this will ensure that God is on our side. Sin will separate you from God, and when you are in debt, you cannot afford to be separated from God!

God is merciful, and always ready to help you end the destructive cycle of debt. However, He won’t do all the work. You must make a quality decision to apply the practical principles that govern debt cancellation. For example, avoid being involved in hyper consumption. God expects you to be a good steward, and manage your money wisely. Develop a budget. This will not only help you manage your money better, it will also help you pay your bills, save money, and track your spending down to the dollar. These are some practical steps that will help you get out of debt God’s way.

Out of Debt and Tithing

Tithing is a spiritual principle you must apply if you expect to see God’s supernatural blessing on your finances. Malachi 3 describes how the windows of Heaven will open up and pour you out a blessing when you bring your tithes into God’s house. Once you have the blessing, or an empowerment to prosper, debt can’t wreak havoc in your life.

Many years ago, God revealed to me that Satan wants Christians to remain heavily burdened by debt because it hinders their ability to finance the Kingdom of God. Think about it, if all your money is tied into bills, it will be difficult to support the church!

God wants you out of debt, so declare war on debt starting today! Make a quality decision to get out of debt God’s way by applying the spiritual and practical laws necessary for supernatural debt cancellation. Use the Word of God as a weapon against the spirit of debt, and refuse to be weighed down by debt another day.

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