Network Marketing can be Your Vehicle For Financial Freedom

Network Marketing vs your job. So you work 40 hours per work, and on average, you might earn 36,000 dollars per year. You do this approximately 45 years of your life, typically in a job you are not extremely happy with. Maybe you will get a pension.  If you are lucky you will have a retirement plan and medical benefits.

Now what if you could earn double, even triple this amount, right from the comfort of your own home? What if you could afford to take vacations with your family whenever you choose, without having to worry about waiting for your vacation time to come around? This is possible, and millions of people are doing this. How, you ask? By using network marketing to achieve financial freedom.

I do not mean that you have to become a millionaire to be financial free. As little as $1000.00 per month part time can change your life.  That extra $1000.00 per month can pay off that car note, mortgage, credit card bills, medical payments, and provide family vacations.  Plus you will have tax advantages.

What Is Network Marketing?

Both Network Marketing and MLM, also known as multi-level marketing, are forms of direct selling. To be more specific, networking is the distribution aspect, while MLM refers to the compensation aspect of the business. If we were to break it down further, a person such as yourself chooses a reputable company and becomes a distributor for their products–this is the networking part of the business. You earn money for selling their products– and building a down  line- -this is where the MLM comes in.

Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company

This is the most important part of being successful when using networking and MLM marketing. There are companies out there whose products have never been heard of before–this is not what you want. When distributing products, you want products that almost sell themselves. Therefore, do your research before making a decision. Networking does require a small investment which varies according to the company you choose. This investment give you the kit you need to begin selling products.

Advertising Your Network Marketing Business

Any successful business requires advertising, and anyone who chooses to use networking and MLM marketing to become successful in business must advertise. You can do this in a variety of ways. You can order business cards to leave at various local shops or restaurants, you can have vinyl signs made to have placed on your vehicle or you can leave brochures in doctors offices and businesses.

The main point is to network.  Old school networkers do home meetings, hotel meetings, and use their warm market.  They speak to anyone within 3 feet of them (hence the 3 foot rule). Three way calling your prospects with your upline is another method.

New school networkers use the internet. Creating a website for your business is perhaps the easiest way to sell your product and draw attention to your business.  Writing, blogging, and creating videos is one way to sell and recruit for your company

Create a Downline for your Network Marketing Company

One of the most important goals for those who network and market with MLM is to recruit others to join them. This increases the amount of money you make. Not only do you receive a percentage of the sales you make from the products you sell, you also receive a percentage of the sales from those in your downline.

The more people you have, the larger your business, the more successful you become. So let’s give an example. If you sold 100 products each month, you might earn 4,500 dollars per month. Then you create a downline of 100 people and earn 20 dollars from each of their sales. Once they create a downline, you earn 3 percent of everything their recruits earn. Do you see how quickly you earn a six figure income in one year?

There are plenty of naysayers dispute the business success you can achieve with networking marketing. However, if you choose your company carefully and take the time to create a downline, you can truly have the success and income you thought was only a dream.  Network marketing might be the right vehicle for you.

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