Quick Lessons in goal setting

Hello members,

It’s time for another Wednesday wisdom blog post. Today’s topic is about setting goals.

NPC members often get overwhelmed with the prospect of learning and creating sites. And they can easily become burdened with maintaining and testing current sites while trying to create new ones at the same time.

On the other hand, some members get stuck and never take action. They need some extra motivation.

To stay afloat and productive during your internet marketing journey, you must be a goal-setter. But I am not referring to goal-setting as you already know it like saving for a new house or wanting to get married or have children by a certain age.

Your goals must break down into ACTIONABLE steps to be effective. What do I mean?

If you start your NPC membership with the goal of just creating websites, you may never get anything accomplished. Why? Because without a plan, distractions and life situations will take our focus away from building sites.

Think about everything that vies for your attention the moment you sit down at your computer. From email and phone calls to Facebook and family responsibilities, it can be nearly impossible to create sites without setting goals.

Setting goals makes you accountable daily and allows you to set aside time to accomplish them because you know exactly what is expected of you.

My goal is to help members generate income, and goal setting is one of the primary tools to accomplish this.

Here is how to do it:

Think about a yearly goal first. How many sites would you like to have created in the next 12 months?

To make it easy, let’s say 12 sites. Now we have to break it down.

This means you will need to complete one site per month. Now break it down even further.

What is required for you to finish that site? How many pages will it have? Does it require keyword research? Are you writing the content yourself or you are hiring someone else? For the sake of our example, let’s say you are writing the content and starting from scratch.

Here is a weekly goal chart:

Week 1 – Keyword/market research, choose domain
Week 2 – Create site, images, header, write home page and 1st article, publish site
Week 3 – Write additional pages of content and articles for next week’s linking
Week 4 – 7 day backlinking blueprint

Now this will not be your exact weekly blueprint. It will be unique for each member, but creating a  task list will give you an idea of what you need to accomplish daily before the week concludes.

The next step is to break down each weekly goal into daily tasks. This step is the most important because it helps you to see what is required of you on a daily basis. So for Week 1, you can break up your keyword research into hourly increments or a specific market. If you have a market in mind, you can brainstorm one day and start using Keyword Advantage the next.

The important thing is that you do at least ONE TASK each day so you are on your way to accomplishing your weekly goals.

This exercise is important because it not only helps you accomplish your goals, but it also shows you what is required of you on a daily basis. You may find you can either do more or you are doing too much. By breaking down your goals into daily tasks, you can start each day knowing that you are one step closer to your weekly and monthly goal because you have already laid out your goal plan. Without a blueprint, you will never feel like you are accomplishing anything, even if you are, and it will be easy to lose motivation.

Quick Tip: When you are just starting out, you may run into obstacles you don’t expect. When facing a hurdle, remember to NEVER lose sight of your goals. You can move around tasks but never change your monthly and yearly goals.

Here at NPC, we try to make your internet marketing journey as easy as possible. If you feel like you are getting stuck, utilize our Q & A support and get answers to your questions.

Whatever you do, make sure you NEVER give up. The members who stick it out and accomplish their daily and weekly goals are the ones who will earn a great income online.

You can do it!