Reaching Past the South Bay When Selling a Home

Reaching Past the South Bay When Selling a home

It used to seem like not much more than a remote possibility, but for a South Bay luxury homeowner selling a home in today’s market, tapping into the global reservoir of international buyers is becoming more and more common.

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But how can you make sure your South Bay home is marketed to this specific niche, as well as to domestic prospects?  There are several ways today’s well-marketed home attracts the foreign market. Here is a thumbnail sketch of some of the strategies I have available to market your listing internationally when selling a home from the South Bay:

3 Tips For Selling a Home to International Buyers

1) Advertise – Selectively!

In order for your home seen by the right people, it needs to be advertised alongside other fashionable luxury listings. Magazines full of luxury listings are available in locations around the world. Board a plane in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, for instance, and they are hard to miss. But let me ask: when is the last time you bought a home marketed in an airport?  Online is the way to go in today’s market if you are selling a home.

When it comes to the top of the market, where attracting top buyers is what really counts, it’s equally true.  This summer, one luxury firm rolled out an iPad app that reaches internationally — and you can be sure it’s only the first of many to come. My listings are not only marketed online, but also syndicated across multiple websites.  Now that Google’s “translate” button is a universal web feature, homes marketed online are attracting even more buyers from around the world.

2) Why Not Offer as a Rental?

For international prospects who consider South Bay a suitable destination, offering your luxury home as a rental first can significantly enhance its prospects. This has the added benefit stepping up your level of exposure, opening it to include those who weren’t thinking only about buying an American property.

Once they see how they really enjoy visiting here (perhaps also seeing how renting it can make financial sense), your once faraway offering moves into the ‘doable’ column. And domestic prospects who get to “test drive” life in your beautiful luxury home may just want to snatch it up for themselves. One caveat: just be sure the bookings don’t get in the way of real showings.

3) Hire a Realty Firm with Connections 

In all cases, the surest path to selling a home is to use an agent who has connections to a network of agencies that reach across the nation – and for luxury homes, the world. When you contact me, we can schedule a preliminary consultation to scope out a marketing plan that includes targets like the growing international audience for topnotch American properties.

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