The Best Summary Of The Tea Party Smackdown We’ve Seen Yet

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REMINDER: Traffic does not create sales. Traffic creates LEADS. Effective communication is what creates sales.

Sometimes rookies will say, “Y’know, I tried such-and-such lead source and I didn’t make any sales….so they must not be any good.”

That’s illogical . That’s like someone buying a car and blaming the car dealership because they got lost on a trip to DisneyWorld.

So, here’s the lesson:

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about S2A co-ops…..CPC traffic…..solo ads…..banner ads…..etc:

If you have 1,000 people look at your ad and you get 250 leads from it….the TRAFFIC SOURCE WORKED. That’s all you can ask it to do. How many sales you get from those leads depends entirely on you and how you communicate with your leads.

I hope that’s of value.